Dr. Geza Sikos

Geza Sikos, MD

Budapest, Hungary Practice:Sikos Plastic Surgery,

Address:1113 Budapest, Edömér u. 6. Hungary

P: (+36 1) 209 29 30 

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I’m very proud to be working in association with Dr. Sikos in Hungary. Sikos Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant Clinic has been founded by Géza Sikos, M.D. board certified plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialist in 1992 in Budapest, Hungary. The clinic’s hair transplant surgery service is continuously available since for patients interested in hair restoration. I have had the pleasure of not only speaking with Dr sikos on a few occasions but also met with a number of his UK patients over the last few years. His work is exceptional and based on the patient feedback I have no reservations at all recommending him and as I mentioned proud to be associated with him.

Dr. Sik0s provides world class refined state of the hart hair transplantation and with being based in Hungary enables real affordablility too to the patient. I plan to visit there clinic soon and give you further insight to it. What strikes me based on my own experiences to date with Dr. Sikos is his professionalism and  the very high standard of care he gives to the patients.He treats them with the upmost care and attention, pre op and post op. and personally responds to his patients timely.

Dr. Sikos is working as a certified plastic surgeon since 1984, he has 12 years of clinical and more than 25 years of private practice experience.

Dr. Sikos performs mostly FUE surgeries due to the high demand from patients, but FUT-strip harvesting technique is also available at his clinic. More, combined FUE –FUT harvesting is possible in selected cases. All FUE hair transplant surgeries done as a one day- cc. 7 hours procedure under local anaesthesia. As an exception some extended full beard-mustache reconstruction is usually done in two days. due to the time consuming feature of beard transplant. dr. Sikos is also an expert of repair cases, hair loss after burn injury, trauma, surgical or other external (non –genetic) origine. Some extra demand for instance chest hair, pubic hair reconstruction is also possible at Sikos Clinic.

About the half of his patients coming from foreign countries, mainly german, french and english speaking countries from Europe, but a lots of patient come from the neighbourhood or anywhere from the world. I’ve personally liased with a number of UK patients and US patients who have wanted to get in touch with the clinic and go on to have surgery with Dr. Sikos. The feedback has been top shelf. The best reference of any clinic is the significant amount of returning very satisfied patients who return to Dr. Sikos for second or third treatments and I’ve witnessed personally patients who’ve been incredibly happy and returned to him for more work.

Dr. Sikos is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association  and International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons 

See below a few results but also visit Dr. Sikos website to see his extensive portfolio of results and satisfied patients on this link :  Dr. Sikos Hair Transplant patient gallery

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