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  • Quality supplements that really boost hair health and strength.


In the world of male hair loss, those of us who are follicly-challenged appreciate any extra assistance we can get our hands on to support our hair health and speed up its growth. I came across a couple of supplement products by Vitabiotics after receiving regularly positive feedback on them from a high number of people who have found them to be really effective for hair health and strength. Though they are not intended as regrowth remedies and they won’t stop hair loss, they are extra tools you can turn to for generally healthy hair, to speed up growth and also to help with post-op healing after a hair transplant. This is my considered opinion.


Vitabiotics Hairfollic Man

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Vitabiotics’ Hairfollic Man product contains a ‘Holy Trinity’ of hair health nutrients. It is a masterful blend of biotin, selenium and zinc, all of which are well-known for their hair-enhancing properties.

Biotin (B7) plays a role in the production of hair, though its superpower is strengthening hair so that you can keep hold of what you have for longer.


Those ‘volumising’ shampoos in shops contain biotin as their active ingredient. You may be surprised to know that if you’ve been consuming raw egg whites, say as part of a bodybuilding regimen, this can cause a biotin deficiency, due to the presence of avidin, a protein that’s present in uncooked egg whites. Avidin reduces your body’s own biotin’s bioavailability so you may want to rethink those raw egg smoothies, brave though you are!



Vitabiotics Ultra Vit B Complex


As for zinc, when you’re deficient in this mineral, you’ll notice excessive hair loss and that the hair you do have is hard to control and looks dull. Ergo, hit the zinc for a good-looking head of healthy hair!

Selenium can be deficient if we smoke, drink alcohol or have malabsorption problems. It’s a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals that can damage cells. It’s also handy at boosting hair growth and reducing, dandruff. Plus, selenium works to destroy a scalp fungus called Malassezia, something which can inhibit hair growth.

Basically, if you want an effective supplement that can help you keep what’s up top in great condition, I’d recommend you try Vitabiotics Hairfollic Man. It won’t cost you the earth and the benefits will be visible within mere weeks.




Vitabiotics Ultra Vit B Complex


Vitabiotics Vitamin B Complex, live up to their promises. It’s a potent blend of 8 essential B vitamins; B6, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3) and biotin. You’d be right in thinking it sounds like a commercial for a fortified breakfast cereal but don’t let the cheeky voices in your head tell you that you can get what you need by chugging down a bowl of rice puffs. This is a supplement you can count on for its top-quality composition and it’s an affordable addition to your hair health arsenal.


The B vitamins in this product make up a who’s who of steady performers in the healthy hair stakes. We need riboflavin for the good condition and strength of our hair (and skin). B6 regulates hormonal activity and is a clever one for keeping skin issues like dermatitis at bay. As you may already know, some hair loss problems arise from undesirable skin conditions so this will help with that. A biotin deficiency is one reason behind hair loss. It may or may not be your reason but as it’s included in this Vitabiotics product, all the better. The riboflavin helps the body metabolise iron efficiently which means your red blood cells and haemoglobin (the substance that transports oxygen around the body) are in excellent working order. That’s especially important for healing so when you’re post-op, you’ll be looking to the riboflavin in this supplement to go to work for you.

As B vitamins are not retained by the body, you’ll have to keep up your daily dose for as long as you want the benefits to last. You deserve good health and you certainly deserve for your hair to be your crowning glory as much as is reasonably possible. Why not take advantage of Vitabiotics Vitamin B Complex to give it a boost along?

One little footnote, however. You know that adage: “If a little works well, a lot must work better?” Yeah, don’t do that. Always take the recommended dosage because, well, that’s why it’s recommended!
Look forward to noticeable improvements in a few months!


With either of these products – you don’t need both, just one or the other – I suggest you take them daily as recommended and give them time to work. They’re not quick fix pills but over a few months with continued use, you can expect to start seeing some pleasing results which will improve in time. Do nothing, get nothing. Take these, look forward to looking and feeling better within weeks!


A couple more tips:


• Avoid taking supplements 7 days’ pre-op as they can thin the blood and prevent proper clotting.

• Put your tablets next to your toothbrush so taking them is as automatic as brushing your teeth, day and night. If you need a

third dose, pop them in your wallet and set a simple smartphone alarm.

• Eating an optimal balanced diet will provide all the essential vitamins and minerals you need, however many of us fall victim to missing meals, drinking too much alcohol or eating less nutritionally dense foods. Supplements help shore up our nutrition to appropriate levels.

• Looking after your hair becomes even more important if it’s thinning; not just because it becomes even more precious but because we MPB sufferers tend to do a lot to it and with it. These supplements help you treat it more kindly and in return, you’ll receive the same.


I’d happily recommend Vitabiotics Hairfollic Man and Vitabiotics Ultra Vit B Complex for any man looking to improve his hair strength and health at a very reasonable outlay. Great quality supplements that do what they say they will.



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