Spex Speech at FUE Europe Conference

My name is Spencer Stevenson, aka ‘Spex’. I’m not a medical practitioner. I’m not the developer of any high-tech hair transplantation equipment. I don’t own a hair loss or transplant clinic, (I’m neither) nor am I a hair transplant technician.

So why have I been asked to speak to you today? Well, I’m able to provide you with the unique insight and perspective of the patient’s eye view of the hair loss industry, so you can see why it’s so utterly confusing not to mention frightening, to be a potential hair transplant patient today! Because of this, I’m going to outline and inform you all how to become more relevant and maintain relevance whilst becoming more visible, more credible and above all trustworthy (without question), so you can rise above the intense noise that exists in this increasingly treacherous field.

I’m essentially a normal guy like the many you’ve treated before or may be about to treat. I stand for the everyday guy out there who is losing his hair and is feeling very vulnerable, anxious and who is unsure what to do about it, or where to turn due to the overwhelming plethora of information at their disposal – thanks to social media and internet advertising. I’ve (personally) been there, done that many times over and have worn the T shirt. I’ve personally experienced pretty much every hair loss treatment out there due to my own arduous pursuit and perseverance with this plight. In turn, I vowed to be around to try make sure people don’t make the same mistakes I made – call it my own pay it forward and desire to help, or how I wish I had had genuine help and support to be informed truthfully and help me navigate this minefield. On top of this I am also a repair patient, the recipient of 13 hair transplants from a variety of clinics over the years. On this basis, it has allowed me to be uniquely qualified to advise and share my experiences with countless hair loss and transplant patients directly and indirectly for the past 15 years via a multitude of platforms and resources.

On my own hair loss journey, I struggled to find my way, just like all the other guys out there today. I can’t tell you how difficult it was to know where to turn and who to trust? Who’s going to take advantage of me? Who’s the best hair transplant Dr for me? How do I get repaired? How do I look normal again? I felt lost, depressed and anxious. I banged my head against a wall more times than I can count whilst feeling isolated and depressed. All I wanted was for someone to save me from the frustration and help guide me honestly and ethically to (honest) resources I could trust!

Problem is, there’s a multitude of self-serving resources out there and TON S of non-ethical clinics who’ll sell their own mother to you for a price. (and) I’ve been privy to see it all and seen so called “ leading ” Drs walk all over patients in the pursuit of the mighty $. As we know some “clinics” make all the promises in the world : (and) at best, waste a patient’s money, at worst, they permanently disfigure them or even inflict life-threatening consequences on them, physically, emotionally and mentally. The offers and deals are all too inviting to the naive hair loss sufferer , but why should they know any better – it all looks so great. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true then in this industry, it most certainly is ! The problem is these new hair loss sufferers just don’t get it … (as) it all looks so easy, it appears you can get this thing done anywhere, cheap, and there are thousands of new patients everyday looking for that quick fix. If only they had found positive, safe resources, relevant honest organisations and ethical, caring drs sooner, if only they’d found the relevant information , we could have easily protected, educated and in turn saved them.

As we all are only too aware, due to social media, the industry has become a cesspit flooded with unethical practitioners looking to make a fast buck. It’s lost its humanity and above all it’s integrity. These Facebook and Instagram clinics are damaging the name of hair transplantation as we all know.

As Dr John Cole boldly stated on a recent interview with Spencer Kobrens” The Bald Truth” “This industry is in more danger today, than it’s ever been!” and he’s 100% correct.