Hair Transplant Clinics

After 15 years of meeting and liaising with countless hair transplant patients along with hair transplant Doctors and clinics from all over the world, I personally feel confident recommending several clinics for consultations. I work for and represent a number of clinics below directly as their patient advisor and they pay me a monthly set fee to be associated with me. I am not commissioned by any clinic or doctor.

All clinics are part of the IAHRS or currently in review for membership or associate membership.

Gaining various opinions about your hair loss requirements is important, especially from reliable and informed sources. All the clinics mentioned below can help you obtain accurate honest information about your hair loss situation and potential hair transplant requirements.

I do not represent all these clinics however in my experienced opinion they will all only want to help guide you accurately and honestly with ethical advice. I am not recommending you have surgery with any of them ( as that is your own opinion to forge based on meeting various clinics/dr ) but I do recommend you obtain their opinion as i feel it’s a valid one. Remember surgery is a last resort so get as informed as possible prior to rushing into ANY decision.

I try to provide options to as many patients as possible (based on their varying locations) information and feedback I’ve been given and what I’ve learned first hand regarding different clinics. Even then it’s only a recommendation to consult with a surgeon i feel gives honest evaluations.

I feel it’s important to give patients options and in my opinion based on patients I’ve met and spoken with over the years there are many clinics who can provide reliable opinions on a patients requirements and perform good informative consultations – it’s up to the patient to make their own mind up based on meeting with Drs and their patients and forming their own opinion on whom to have their surgery with – if any surgery at all. No two clinics are the same so important to consult in person with as many as you can in my opinion.

I have met with patients from ALL the listed clinics below hence why i feel confident in providing their information here. In my opinion the clinics will guide you and help you make an informed decision about your own personal situation and requirements, whether you choose to go to them for surgery or not. They all have very good reputations, along with a tried and tested track records of very satisfied patients I’ve personally spoken to and read about.

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Hair Transplant Clinics

Disclaimer: source for information on hair transplant surgeons above is from IAHRS members

Testimonials from respected Hair Transplant Surgeons