Spex Hair speaks the TRUTH on BBC Worldwide TV

It truly was a fantastic and thrilling experience to be asked to speak on BBC Worldwide LIVE TV on a topic which is close to my heart. .When you have 3 mins on live TV in front of an estimated 100 million viewers you need make them count.Great to get the message heard on such […]

Spex Hair The Truth About The Hair Transplant Industry

This is an incredibly powerful segment from The BaldTruth UK. This Uk caller was planning on hair transplant surgery in Turkey based on no real research but fortunately stumbled across the controversial ‘Top 20 Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World’ article I wrote for ApetoGentleman. This segment will help educate and protect many people without […]

Spex Hair The Truth about Hair Loss and Hair Transplants

Undergoing a hair transplant is a momentous, even life-changing, step – but it can also be a disappointment. I’ve had ten such receding hairline treatments, and heave learned the hard way that the most important thing you can do before going under the knife is get informed. Here, then, are my answer to all the […]

Spex interviews with grooming influencer Robin James

Ive done a few interviews with this guy Robin who’s a prolific YT’r with a huge subscriber base. These interviews have been watched by 1000’s a the feedback has been overwhelming with regards to the help and support they have offered many who have viewed. More interviews are coming down the pipe and I’ll upload […]

Hair Doctor: The World’s Top 20 Hair Transplant Surgeons

All hair transplant surgeons are created equal, right? Wrong. As Dr. John P. Cole of Bisanga & Cole hair transplant clinic in Athens stated during a recent interview with Spencer Kobren on The Bald Truth podcast: “This industry is in more danger today than it’s ever been.” Unfortunately, he’s 100% correct. Things are messy out […]

6 Truths For Stylists From A Hair Loss Expert

Spencer Stevenson, aka Spex, has been battling hair loss for years. He’s had five hair transplants and figures he has spent close to $45,000 on hair loss solutions. As a result of his own experiences and his research on the topic of hair loss, he has become one of the world’s foremost hair loss authorities, […]