Gro MD Shampoo Review

Surgeon-formulated GroMd products deliver brilliant results and why Spex fully endorses as Gro Md’s Brand Ambassador.

Regular readers of mine know that I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest hair care products which will help keep hair strong and healthy in this fight against progressive hair loss. Well let me introduce you to groMD.

Their product range is simple: a two-in-one Shampoo & Conditioner and a Follicle Activator Spray. Both products are specifically engineered for hair loss prevention by leading IAHRS surgeon, Dr. Amir Yazdan, in the US. As a top, internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon, I can guarantee you that Dr. Yazdan intimately understands the art and science of hair restoration and his product reflects such an expertise.

In full transparency, I do function as a patient advisor to his clinic. Being witness to his technical ability and growing practice, I can honestly claim that he is one of the most interesting and passionate individuals working this space today, and I have the privilege to partner and represent Dr. Yazdan and the groMD system. I’ve known Dr. Yazdan for a couple of years now, but we met for the first time in Manchester at the FUE Europe conference, where as well as being interviewed by the founder of the American Hair loss Association, Spencer Kobren (which you can see below), I delivered a speech on patient advocacy and the importance of protecting patients (a small segment can be seen here on patient protection).

Dr. Yazdan saw the speech and he asked me to test out Gro.Md and he also put me in touch with many happy clients that use the range and what I found out was very encouraging and positive to say the least.

How does GroMd work to prevent hair loss?

The quick answer is that it uses a combo of DHT blockers to prevent hair loss and encourage new hair growth. It delivers deep and multilayered hair support!

First, you need to know a little bit about Dihydrotestosterone (DHT),which is an androgen (male sex hormone) derived from testosterone that gives men their male characteristics. Women and men have DHT though usually, men have it at higher levels. Testosterone is converted to DHT thanks to an enzyme known as 5-slpha reductase (5-AR).

Roughly 10 percent of an adult’s testosterone is converted to DHT. It travels through the bloodstream and can bind to receptors on the hair follicles in the scalp. This causes the hair follicles to shrink or ‘miniaturize’, making them less capable of retaining hairs or promoting hair growth. Ultimately, in follicles affected by DHT, the hair can stop growing altogether.

Smart, scientifically proven ingredients known to combat hair loss

The secret to GroMD’s effectiveness is its DHT blockers, a potent proprietary blend of patented ingredients – HairGenyl™and Capixyl™. Both products are boosted with Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle and Licorice Root Extract, all DHT blockers found in nature. This product cuts no corners and is laced with an abundance of ingredient to take DHT to task, as well as make hair healthy and as strong as possible.

GroMD Shampoo & Conditioner and GroMD Follicle Activator Spray also contain caffeine and menthol to dilate the blood vessels around each hair follicle for improved circulation. These stimulate dormant follicles and allow vital nutrients to reach every hair strand. Combining this alongside minoxidil is advised, especially if already a minoxidil user. The shampoo and activator are no silver bullet so don’t expect to look like the Hoff after 1 application, but it’s certainly one of the finest product lines to really help hair loss sufferers.

The Shampoo & Conditioner product also contains Argan oil, biotin and niacinamide to protect and nourish the scalp and restore its good health so that hair has a far better chance to grow. Moreover, the Follicle Activator Spray is enriched with a high concentration of copper peptides which combat inflammation and stimulate growth in hair follicles.

“GroMd’s Shampoo & Conditioner product is the best daily shampoo on the market today to help fight DHT and keep hair strong and healthy.”

As I’m such a huge fan of groMD, and after interviewing  many long-time users, I’m happy to partner and fully endorse the groMD brand. Its guaranteed to help or simply get a refund too.

My own personal endorsement

GroMD has taken the US by storm and is currently sold via dozens of salons and barber shops, where clients have been overwhelmed by the results they’ve experienced.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that consumers have been raving about the groMD system – I dug deep and spoke to a number of patients who have been using the system longer than me to gauge their opinion, and all have expressed exceeding satisfaction.

I’ve enjoyed the results of the system for over three months and wholeheartedly endorse groMD as a truly effective hair loss remedy – one which has made my hair look and feel better. I am fully confident in saying that I believe groMD’s Shampoo & Conditioner product is the best daily shampoo on the market today to help fight DHT and keep hair strong and healthy.

You’ve seen promises like these all over the web and late-night TV ads, but guys – and ladies – groMD is the real deal. Do your due diligence, follow the instructions properly and if you’re not satisfied with the results, you will get a full refund.

Stronger, healthier hair or your money back

You’ve seen promises like these all over the web and late-night TV ads, but guys – and ladies – GroMd is the real deal. Do your due diligence, follow the instructions properly and if you’re not satisfied with the results, you will get a full refund.

Here’s what I love most about GroMd:

  • No shedding – GroMD doesn’t cause shedding like other medicated shampoos do.
  • Gold standard ingredients – The ingredients are all scientifically proven to be effective.
  • Doctor-formulated – GroMD is the creation of a world-renowned, highly successful hair transplant surgeon who knows his reputation is on the line.
  • Easy to use – Both products are simple to use and incorporate into anyone’s daily hair care regime, man or woman.
  • My own proven results – I’ve experienced excellent results myself in the short time I’ve used with GroMD, which speaks volumes for me

Who is Dr. Amir Yazdan?

The creator of the GroMD hair loss prevention system is Dr. Amir Yazdan who founded the Modena Hair Institute in the US (practices in LA, Orange County and Las Vegas). He’s well known for his innovative approach to treating hair loss and earned an impressive haul of awards for his work. He’s made TV appearances on Dr Phil, The Doctors and other programs, he is also a regular contributor to The Bald Truth and has been invited to present at some of the world’s most important conferences on hair loss.

Yes dear friends and first-time readers, you can 100 percent trust Dr. Yazdan’s hair loss prevention and treatment products without question. I can say without reservation that they should be an essential part of any man or woman’s daily hair care regime, and if you are not satisfied you have a guaranteedfull refund available.