Global Hair Loss Summit 2020

Global Hair Loss Summit 2020


The event is simply unique and an industry first. The Global hair Loss summit has true leadership at the helm.  Many leading surgeons, industry influencers and hair restoration companies are combining forces and coming together to help educate each other as well as help educate many new surgeons to the field, like never before. Change was so desperately needed in this industry and fortunately change is now here and it’s sole objective is to better the hair transplant industry and make it a safer more positive and productive place for all.

Education is KEY and there is simply going to be a platform finally for surgeons to be educated, trained and empowered enabling them to take back their field and own it. There are already a founding faculty of 50 leading hair restoration surgeons guiding the way and prepared to share and exchange information, techniques and knowledge freely in the pursuit to make the field a safer one for all but most importantly the patient at the end of the day. An industry doctors can be proud of has been a long time coming but it’s in the process thanks for Global Hair Loss Summit 2020.

Never has a conference kike this been attempted. Why, as the concept was simply too hard with too many obstacles and too much work. GHLS2020 is a complex and profound concept for anyone to undertake, but Spencer Kobren the founder of the has decided to take the bulls by the horns and lead the way in this industry. The support from the true leaders and colleagues has been unprecedented.

The Global Hair Loss Summit is literally ahead of it’s time, or some might argue long overdue, as this industry has lacked real leadership as it has been too bogged down with politics and drama rather than moving forward and changing. Change has been long overdue but finally it’s here as Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 is pioneering a new normal for all involved in this hair transplant field and Spexhair is privileged to be a part of this new cutting-edge virtual conference which is going to happen in September 2020.

I’ve been asked to speak and share my insight and experience into this field from a patient’s perspective and I look forward to helping and sharing my knowledge and experience after being on the front line speaking and counselling patients for 20 years as a result of my own journey. What is truly exciting is this event is ‘virtual’ too due to the current Covid19 climate and global restrictions placed on us all but in fact will make for a better and more educational conference unlike any other previous one. The beauty of this conference and The Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 is no travel or dead time is involved for any doctors wanting to be involved and who wish to learn from the very best and brightest in their field. You simply will be able to tune in live and also watch well produced recorded videos, presentations and obtain vital informative information that is current and relevant to today’s industry provided by the leaders in this field.

The Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 #GHLS2020 is the most exciting event to ever grace this hair transplant field and has been created at a time the hair transplant industry and the doctors performing surgery within it needed it most, along with true leadership and guidance like never before.

The age of COVID-19 is now a reality that no one can escape, and this industry will change for the better as a result of it. The rest button has been pressed thanks to COVID-19 and this could not be a more exciting time to be a part of the hair transplant industry.

Our advice at Spexhair is to be a part of that change and be a part of the future of this field!

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