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– Propecia ( Finasteride ), Minoxidil and GroMD and Nizoral shampoo

Here is the thing you need to make sure you understand when it comes to MPB as a newbie to hair loss and MPB. Remember I am not a Dr and this is only my opinion.
Note my website and different articles I have written have been up a long time as I have been active in this industry for 20 years. I’ve tried many hair loss products and provide information in order to try help provide readers information based on my opinion and experience as well as feedback from countless hair loss sufferers.

Some information might be old or and my opinion might have changed. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. My own regime has evolved over the period my website has been set up too.
The main known factor that causes hair loss is DHT. To form DHT your body’s 5a-reductase enzyme converts free roaming testosterone DHT inside the hair cell follicle. The DHT then binds to the hair cell receptor and causes it to atrophy or shrink. Eventually your hair follicle stops producing hair and you lose that follicle. It is important to endeavour to stop hair loss via proven treatments as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the higher the chances that the hair follicle has permanently atrophied.

There are two types of the 5ar enzyme; Type I and Type II. Type II 5ar seems to be the main culprit in MPB as the type II enzyme is present in the hair follicles. Finasteride is a specific inhibitor of Type II 5ar inhibitor that reduces DHT produced by the type II 5ar by 85%-90% and reduces the overall DHT blood serum levels by 65%.

Minoxidil is a hair stimulant. It is the only FDA proven hair stimulant on the market. However, stimulating hair and protecting hair from further damage are two separate actions. Minoxidil will artificially augment your hair while you use the compound, but it does NOT have any know effect on 5ar or the androgen receptors in the scalp.

I currently use 5% Minoxidil foam. This is perfect for me as it has worked to maintain the hair I have alongside using Dutasteride and GroMD shampoo. I also still use Nizoral shampoo too once a week to give my scalp a real deep clean but use GroMD as part of MY daily shampoo routine. I have only started to use GroMD shampoo over the last year and in full disclosure have a professional relationship with GroMD as their brand ambassador. (See my disclaimer). I believe in the product based on personal use and patient feedback.

Note: I was a user of finasteride for 18 years and have been a big advocate of it’s use to help with supressing DHT for hair loss sufferers. I personally moved up to Dutasteride a couple of years ago as felt I might be losing ground after being on it for so long. I would recommend however any new hair loss sufferer interested in treating hair loss start on finasteride. It does states in places I use finasteride but after 20 years posting I can’t go over every single topic to edit that my reg has change.


Propecia 1mg ( finasteride ) – Proscar

Proscar: is 5mg Finasteride. (Cutting Proscar into 5ths gives you Propecia ). It is a very easy and much cheaper way to obtain finasteride! Proscar was the original tablet prescribed to men with enlarged prostates. As a side effect of taking the drug hair grew back on the patients heads! They then realised only 1mg was needed to help treat MPB. I personally purchase 5mg proscar and cut it into 5ths easily. It has without a doubt been the secret to my long term success at it has STOPPED further loss and regrown a lot of hair in the mid to the crown section for me. Link to further information here :
Make sure you purchase and get your prescription from a reliable legitimate source as there are many online stores which in my opinion are not legitimate. Feel free to email me and i can put you in direct touch with reliable private GP’s to prescribe you finasteride easily and quickly.


Dutasteride (Avodart)

Dutasteride (Avodart) and finasteride (PROPECIA) are both 5-alpha-reductase (5AR) inhibitors. Both treatments work by inhibiting 5AR, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the primary androgen in the prostate. It is a primary factor in the development and progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and other prostate diseases and is also a major cause of hair loss. 0.5mg – 2.5mg of Dutasteride provides better results in hair maintenance/regrowth as opposed to Finasteride.

However, the benefit likely comes from its higher inhibition of type II 5ar not its suppression of type I 5ar. Merck tested a specific type I 5ar inhibitor called “MK386″ in a human trial and found it had no effect on balding. Jumping on the Dutasteride bandwagon before the Finasteride bandwagon is not a good idea. For most men Finasteride is enough to halt and even reverse MPB… In the off-chance your body becomes tolerant of Finasteride (over the years) you always have Dutasteride to fall back on…I in fact moved up to Dutasteride after being on finasteride for 18 years.

Side-effects on Dutasteride may be more common ( I experienced NON) any such sides would last longer as the half-life of Dutasteride is much longer then Finasteride, and unlike type II 5ar type I 5ar *is* present in brain tissue. Finally, keep in mind that DHT is not an evil androgen that just causes hair loss. Various bodily functions benefit from DHT. Finasteride inhibits 65% overall DHT levels leaving 35% for your body to use (most of that 35% is from the type I 5ar that isn’t a big factor in hair loss). Dutasteride inhibits 90% or more overall DHT levels leaving 10% or less for your body.

Basically, use Finasteride **first** and only resort to Dutasteride if you must – This is just my opinion and I am NOT a Dr.


GroMD Shampoo

I am endorsed and financially compensated by Gro Md as a brand ambassador.

The secret to GroMD’s effectiveness is its DHT blockers, a potent proprietary blend of patented ingredients – HairGenyl™and Capixyl™. Both products are boosted with Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle and Licorice Root Extract, all DHT blockers found in nature. This product cuts no corners and is laced with an abundance of ingredient to take DHT to task, as well as make hair healthy and as strong as possible.

GroMD Shampoo & Conditioner and GroMD Follicle Activator Spray also contain caffeine and menthol to dilate the blood vessels around each hair follicle for improved circulation. These stimulate dormant follicles and allow vital nutrients to reach every hair strand. Combining this alongside minoxidil is advised, especially if already a minoxidil user. The shampoo and activator are no silver bullet so don’t expect to look like the Hoff after 1 application, but it’s certainly one of the finest product lines to really help hair loss sufferers.

The Shampoo & Conditioner product also contains Argan oil, biotin and niacinamide to protect and nourish the scalp and restore its good health so that hair has a far better chance to grow. Moreover, the Follicle Activator Spray is enriched with a high concentration of copper peptides which combat inflammation and stimulate growth in hair follicles. Link to further information here:

I have been using it for a year and my hair feels fuller and thicker as well as clearly darker as a result of using it consistently. I use this alongside all the other treatments above in order to help provide my hair the best opportunity to help fight against hair loss and help keep my hair strong and healthy.

If you need any help just contact me via my site or email me –