Education Essentials

Treatments – There are a range of appropriate affordable and effective treatments to beat the curse along with great supplements to help fight the curse. Wise up, act fast and get on a solid regime to battle hair loss head on. You brush your teeth to maintain them, same works for hair. Get info on hair shedding on meds and why it happens.

Maximise Treatments and their Effects – Learn how to combine treatments to benefit your regime

Concealers – Can work great when used appropriately and bought from legitimate sources. There are a range of good ones however a lot of bogus crap out there, be aware. Learn how best use them.

Myths and FACTS – Try not stress over hear say get the facts .

Maximise Growth – great ways to really benefit the hair growth cycle to get the most out of your hair to keep it strong and healthy.

Hair Transplants – Understand how it works, short term and long term and what type of surgery is actually best for you, rather than what you want – get educated on what you essentially NEED and WHY! Its not a quick fix – understand why!

Growth Times – Understand how long the process really takes from start to finish. It’s no quick fix. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion and like most good things they take a great deal of time to occur.

Down Time – understand the process and how long it takes to have the session done and get away with it. There are some great tricks and tips I have learnt along the way as only ever met 3 guys who didn’t have an issue telling anyone about their HT.

Expectations – understanding what it is you want and what you can actually get are two different things. Make sure going into this you are well aware of what is achievable with your own result.

Shockloss – What is it? Find out ways to avoid it and deal with it and get back on track if / when it occurs. Understand why it occurs and what skilful surgeons do to help avoid it.

Hairs Characteristics – How yours can work for you or against you. The art of illusion boils down to your hairs characteristic so understand how they effect the HT process and end result.

Shaving down – part of the process, understand why it occurs and why the leading surgeons in the world do it and how it benefits the end result.

Post op healing – Popular part of the process – gain greater insight into how to speed up the healing process safely without affecting your HT with proven techniques and products.

Post op blues – gain a clear understanding of how to avoid and help getting deflated and depressed post op.

Number of sessions required – Everyone only wants one but rarely the case, get educated on why and understand why hair is like money, you always want more!

Travel Tips – get golden nuggets of information regarding travelling overseas to get a ht so that the journey is smooth, undetected and unhindered.

The Art of the Hairline – creating the hairline via hair restoration is difficult and requires great skill, learn the essential fundamentals

FUE V’s Strip – Why is one technique more suitable to you over the other even though you only WANT FUE.

Strip scars – Get your head round them and see a variety and understand why some are different to others

Staples Removal – how to do it, where to do it, when to do it.

Blood work – The places to go and tests you need to have done

Further surgery – when and why . Understand when further surgery should be done and not beforehand

Comprehensive consultations – Go well informed with a comprehensive list of over 20 key questions in order to get the right answers you need one way or the other. Any much much more!

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