After over 15 years working in this space and due to my heavy involvement in the hair transplant industry I’ve recently been asked to come on board with The Harley St Hair Clinic in London as their Patient Advisor. I’ve been an admirer of the clinic for a while and met and liaised with a number of their patients over the years.

In my experienced opinion the Harley St Hair Clinic offers the most comprehensive service along with incredibly natural and consistent results in the UK.

After several clinic visits over the last 6 months I’m incredibly confident in recommending The Harley St Hair clinic as well as working directly with them in order to help educate and enable patients to obtain what I feel is a superb service and hair transplant procedure from an exceptional clinic.

I’m incredibly proud to be working with The Harley St Hair Clinic and assisting their patients throughout their research and helping them throughout their entire hair transplant experience. You can see further information on their own website here : Spex is Patient advisor for The Harley St Hair Clinic You can also review my video and ATP experience with the Harley St Hair Clinic here too : Spex ATP experience.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any question regarding obtaining a consultation from the clinic via myself on or
I will be conducting 1:1 consultations in the not too distant future in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and London so please feel free to register your interest by emailing me and I can provide you further information.




“Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result… I had it done in Harley street hair clinic London. Thanks to all the staff who looked after me.”
Wayne Rooney

The HSHC is committed to providing the best quality results possible with hair transplantation and we have compiled this page to summarise the most popular hair transplantation case study in the world. We hope to help educate the public on the FUE procedure involved and the positive benefits available to hair loss sufferers.
We would like to thank Wayne Rooney for his public twitter endorsement as a patient and his help in helping raise awareness of hair loss and FUE hair transplantation.
June 2013 update: Wayne visited the Harley Street Hair Clinic for the pre-planned second phase of treatment of what continues to be his successful follicular hair transplant procedure. This second procedure was scheduled at the time he began his original treatment in 2011. It is a standard feature of the lifelong care the Harley Street Hair Clinic offers its clients.




Steven Fletcher The Sunderland and Scottish International Football Striker Shares in his Experience of his First Hair Transplant in 2013 The video is shot on the morning of his second transplant procedure to address the crown region after a fantastic restoration of the frontal hairline which was completed in March 2013. The priority in the first procedure was to restore the hairline and address some thinning of the mid-section region to frame the facial features and add more volume and body to the frontal third of the scalp. The second procedure enables us to add further density and volume to the mid-section as well as strengthen the crown area. We look forward to seeing his result develop further from his final procedure. We thank Steven for sharing on his FUE Hair Transplant experience and demonstrating that with good planning and postop care that the results can be achieved with minimal impact on your personal and work schedule.



Dr Jonathan began to notice hair loss in his 30s and after gradually becoming more self conscious decided in his 40s to research the options available to restore his hairline. He was looking for a permanent solution and saw hair transplantation as the right route for him, however, as a trained medic he knew that the success of his procedure would rely on him choosing the right clinic and the right doctor. Having researched and visited a number of clinics he found that the Harley Street Hair Clinic fulfilled all of his criteria.



We’re grateful to Damian for sharing with us his hair transplant experience. We caught up with him one year after his procedure and we’re pleased to share his result in his case study video.



Sean has kindly allowed us to view his progress since his procedure and how he feels at the 2 week stage. We will be updated Sean’s progress and looking forward to seeing the final result in a year




Jonathan Saccone-Joly is a high profile YouTuber and vlogger. He is well known for videoing every aspect of his life, along with his wife – Anna Saccone-Joly. They document every minute of their lives, including the birth of their children, cooking dinner and any other daily activity. As with every aspect of his life, Jonathan was very open about his surgery. He posted to both Instagram and Twitter about his experience undergoing an FUE hair transplant with us.

Jonathan suffered from male pattern baldness, which left him with the typical receding horseshoe shape, and needed a hair transplant to fill in the missing frontal patches. However, not all cases are like this, so it is best to use a hair graft calculator to work out what you will require. Jonathan had a full FUE transplant procedure, which involved taking donor hair follicles from the back and sides of the head, and implant them at the front to give a thicker, fuller hairline. Jonathan had a 2 day session, where we restored density in the frontal- Midsection and rebuilt the hairline. We look forward to seeing his result develop over the coming months on you tube and his social media channels. We recommend you follow his entertaining Vlogs.



James is one of our favourite patients and his priority was a natural undetectable result. The thinning in the frontal hairline area was preventing his ability to style his hair as normal. When he came to see us in 2009 we restored the frontal hairline and increased volume and body with precise planning to ensure we achieved a great result. James work as a fireman requires him to wear heavy protective head gear and with careful post procedure planning we enabled him to achieve his goal. Please ensure you see his video case study detailing his experience.



Before his hair transplant Kevin had lost a significant amount of hair but since his first procedure he has undergone an amazing transformation. Kevin has a high profile role in the media and you can view his video discussing his procedure.



Tony has good quality donor hair and requested a conservative natural hairline with enhanced coverage in the crown region. It was a pleasure for us to have him at the clinic and he has kindly shared in his experience to help future patients We look forward to reviewing his progress at his check up



Mike is a superb barber and the Director of the British Barbers Association. Mike had a previous transplant with a clinic abroad and encountered unsatisfactory results which we are looking to rectify. In a repair case scenario the planning has to be perfect to ensure we gain the best return from every graft possible. This should be the case for all hair transplantation surgery and we will update you as Mike’s case progress’s We are going to be participating in Salon International at the London Excel centre in October 2015 (10-12th October) we will provide live updates on twitter and will catch up with Mike and review his progress. If you have had a previous transplant that was unsatisfactory we have a specialised planning protocol and team to guide you on the optimal solution.




Kieron is featured in the video section in which he talks of his experience of FUE hair transplantation Kieron had extensive area of loss and the priority was to re-establish the hairline and frame his facial features as he looks great with short hair. We look forward to seeing his result evolve and expect a great result. His video is a great insight into the experience of finding the right clinic



Bobby had very thick hair and lost a significant area in the temple region and hairline area. The implantation had to be of the highest density possible to ensure an undetectable result. Bobby has featured in national press including TV documentaries on the BBC Channel 4 and Channel 5 and as he has not had further hairloss remains an out standing result.
Please not there are pictures in his gallery of the very fast healing at the 14 day period and also at the 4 month stage from when his hair started growing very fast to complete his result at the 12 month stage.