Hair Transplant via The ARTAS

The source of this information is from Dr. Robert Bernstein at Bernstein Medical Dr. Robert Bernstein .

Source : Dr Bernstein ARTAS information

ARTAS Robotic System for FUE

The ARTAS® Robotic System is the most advanced technology for surgical hair restoration.

Developed by the research engineers at Restoration Robotics, Inc., Mountain View, California, the robotic hair transplant system has been FDA-approved for hair transplant surgery since the spring of 2011.Bernstein Medical is one of the first practices to use this new technology for hair transplantation.Dr. Bernstein is a clinical researcher and medical advisor to the company.

The ARTAS robot is a physician controlled, computerized device that uses a three dimensional optical system to isolate follicular units from the back of the scalp for maximum preservation of follicles in a FUE hair transplant procedure (referred to as Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction (R-FUE) or simply Robotic FUE). The robotic system aids the physician in the extraction of grafts with precision and speed that surpasses manual techniques. It can also create the recipient sites that receive the grafts.

How the ARTAS System Works

The ARTAS Robot uses a three dimensional optical system to guide a two-step dissection process that isolates follicular units to obtain hair from the back of the scalp for maximum preservation of the follicles. The follicular units are then carefully removed to complete the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) process. This is sometimes referred to as Robotic Follicular Extraction (R-FUE) or simply Robotic FUE.

ARTAS Robot at Bernstein Medical

In the fall of 2011, Bernstein Medical became one of the first hair restoration facilities in the world to use the ARTAS system. We perform all FUE procedures using the new robotic technology. Dr. Bernstein has been working closely with Restoration Robotics for several years to improve the robot’s performance in FUE and to develop other applications of the hair transplant robot.

Bernstein Medical is a beta-testing site for Restoration Robotics, and it was in our facility in New York City where Dr. Bernstein débuted automated recipient site creation and follicular unit graft selection using the robotic device. For further upto date accurate information on the ARTAS Robot visit Dr Bernsteins site here : ARTAS Robot hair transplant information

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