We had an outstanding turnout and success at the 7th edition of the International Convention of FUE Europe in Malaga, Spain in 2018. Thanks to all attendees! All interested participants are now invited to learn more about FUE EUROPE and enroll with us if you have not already done so.

FUE Europe’s next edition will take place in Manchester, UK. Dates will be from June 6-9, 2019. There is rapidly increasing competition in our industry as anyone who has spent more than a few months researching this field will know. Today, an ever-growing number of clinics are offering FUE worldwide than there are members of the ISHRS, which is remarkable. This trend is expected to accelerate going forward.

So who are these new clinics popping up almost daily like Starbucks drive-thrus? These are often specious clinics, usually operated by physicians from a variety of specialties, and not by hair transplant specialists. Such clinics are sold a turnkey operation that includes instrumentation and staffing to perform the entire surgery. And these clinics have surgeons who usually know very little about hair transplant surgery or for that matter, even hair loss!

Assistants are often trained by poorly trained physicians or inadequately trained assistants. These unsuspecting surgeons are told that it is legal for assistants to perform the entire hair transplant surgery procedure. Since these surgeons know very little about hair restoration surgery, these doctors often think an unacceptable result is satisfactory. The consequence is more unhappy patients with disappointing and often disfiguring hair transplant results than ever before. There is a reason for the growth of very unhappy hair transplant recipients.


It is time for knowledgeable physicians to mount a campaign to cease this process. How will this be accomplished? FUE Europe (FUEE) has partnered with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) to implement a media campaign to stop this process. Your first step is to like and comment on this Facebook post. FUE Europe Facebook

If you are unable to log in, you may request a login, or you may contact Dr John Cole : john@forhair.com

Your prompt action will ensure that gullible patients are not harmed by sketchy and inexperienced clinics in far of places. Moreover, FUE Europe will lead to more stringent regulations governing the global FUE hair transplant sector. Something that has been needed for several decades. It is time to finally take action!

FUE Europe Team

Physicians need to collaborate to take back the industry and stop the unlicensed practice of medicine by cowboy only in pursuit of the all might dollar. To best accomplish this, we need active participation from all physicians. As recently commented on by Spencer Kobren the founder of the American Hair Loss Association and President of The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons in relation to FUE Magazines upcoming 2nd Publication :

“Nearly every profession has an industry publication, from Publisher’s Weekly to AirLine Pilot Magazine, to Advertising Age (the bible of the advertising world). While the hair transplant field, has been publishing their own trade “journal” for more than two decades, the idea of a truly open access journal vs. a traditional access journal is a concept that has been a struggle for many of the “old guard” to wrap their heads around.

We live in an age that is becoming increasingly Internet-centric. There has been a clear shift in the way that we communicate, connect, share, and do business with each other which has deeply impacted scientific research and academic publishing. I’m excited that the hair transplant industry is finally entering the 21st century of open access publishing that includes content to help empower the medical consumer. This is a huge step, and for anyone in the field who underestimates the impact that this publication will eventually have, it might be time to open your eyes …Because you are looking at the future.” 

Follow the FUE Magazine via here: https://www.fuemagazine.com. This publication will be updated routinely in order to let you know what is happening and what you can do in order to stop the unlicensed practice of surgery. For example, in the next issue, we have articles from:

  • Spencer Kobren, founder of: The Bald Truth radio show and forums, The American Hair Loss Association, and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.
  • Joe Tillman, owner of The Hair Transplant Mentor.

Spencer outlines the problem and offers a simple solution. Joe describes how he is hearing from more and more dissatisfied patients about their poor FUE results.

FUE Magazine

FUE Magazine
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The third thing to do is to join FUE Europe in Manchester, the UK in June 2019. This scientific meeting will be broadcast live on  The Bald Truth Show.

Now, more than ever, we need to ensure we are protecting and upholding the industry as a whole, as there are many teams working hard in this space along with clinics who are doing an amazing job fighting the good fight. One such team is FUE Europe and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), headed up by world-leading surgeons Dr. John Cole and Dr. Christian Bisanga as well as the founder of IAHRS, Spencer Kobren.

These two respected organisations are teaming up for an upcoming conference  the likes of which has never seen before in Manchester in June 2019. This event will be unique among the many hair conferences available each year in that, for the first time, part of the meeting will be accessible by the general public. It is the intention of the organisers to give the public a rare inside peek at what true hair restoration education involves. Alongside this you have the likes of Joe Tillman  Hair Transplant Mentor lending his profile and input to the event and intends to present at the conference which for anyone who’s not too familiar with him and his flat bat approach to exposing the cowboys it will be one presentation you do not want to miss I’m sure.


This type of conference and collaboration of these two world recognised organisation as well as collection of world leading surgeons and team behind the event who are willing to come together in order to make this industry change and change for the better is a cause I am wholeheartedly in support of. Due to my UK media in evolvement my intension is to help this event gain a great deal of exposure and in turn traction as it is so incredibly important that this industry listens and learns as some big changes are coming down the pipe and as Kobren says you need evolve or you WILL become extinct.


I featured on the BBC Radio here below recently and you’ll hear me mention the event too and this is just the start of the media attention this event is going to receive.   



Celebrity patients are intending to attend and speak out too about their own poor surgeries and experiences with hair restoration. This will help raise significant awareness about FUE hair transplants, their benefits, and the risks in the hands of inexperienced surgeons. A variety of leading names in the global FUE sector are out to educate and empower patients like never before. The gloves are off and the underground hair transplant industry is about to get exposed. Heaven only knows what is going to get unearthed as we are set to take no prisoners. Exciting times ahead for the industry and with the likes of FUE Europe and IAHRS combining forces, I for one cannot wait!



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