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Dr. Resul Yaman has spent the last thirteen years restoring the hair and confidence of thousands of patients from all over the world. During that time, Dr. Yaman has also attended various workshops, seminars, and congresses regarding hair transplantation all over the world.

Over many years, after continuously getting better at his craft, he built a staggering reputation and a large portfolio of satisfied customers. Today, he is one of Turkey’s most renowned specialists and innovators in the field of hair transplantation.

Dr. Resul Yaman’s Hair Transplant Journey

Dr. Yaman started to have hair loss problems when he was a student at the Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 2003. At that time, he began researching medical treatments to prevent his own hair loss.

Initially, he started working with his teachers. Then, he reviewed academic papers. In 2005, he graduated from university, and between 2006 and 2007, unfortunately, he lost all of his hair, but that didn’t make him give up.

He knew there was a definitive and permanent solution to hair loss, which was hair transplantation. For that reason, he started to work as an assistant physician in hair transplantation in the hair clinic in 2008, and in 2009, he underwent his own hair transplant surgery.

In 2014, Dr. Yaman became an associate member of the ISHRS. He also attended congresses and workshops. Some examples include FUE Europe, Worldfue Institute, ISHRS, and SITRI (Societa Italiana di Tricologia). In 2015, Dr. Yaman became a premium member of the Hair Transplant Network forum and the Italian Bellicapelli forum.

The Innovations Made by the Doctor Over the Last Decade

Dr. Yaman didn’t want to settle at the clinic he worked at as an assistant physician. So, in 2010, he opened his own clinic – the Dr. Resul Yaman Hair Clinic in Istanbul. In 2012, Dr. Yaman carried out his first innovation study to improve the quality of hair transplant results. This was only possible thanks to his development of the Modified Low-speed Micromotor Technique, Manual Extraction Punch and Special DHI Implanter Pen.

Dr. Yaman knew that hair transplantation could be done better and safer, resulting in higher-quality results and reduced recovery time for the patient. That’s why he developed the special DHI implanter pen, which the doctor uses to this day. What the implanter does is insert the hair follicles directly into your scalp, without the doctor needing to touch them. As a result, the chances of success of each hair follicle increase to 98%. As a result of that, hair transplantation procedures at Dr. Yaman’s clinic were more effective and significantly less damaging to the patient’s scalp during the extraction and implantation process.

Dr. Resul Yaman’s 3SE Hair Transplant Methodology

Over the last thirteen years, doctor Resul Yaman has completed over a thousand hair transplant procedures. Having spent so many years actively practicing hair transplant procedures and speaking to world-renowned doctors, he decided that it was time to take hair transplantation to a whole new level.

Thus, as of 2022, Dr. Yaman developed the latest 3SE methodology, which combined the use of technology, technique, and the experience of the doctor with the 3SE method. So, what is the 3SE method all about?

It’s broken down into three stages. First, our doctor visually examines the patient’s hair using a 3D Scanner. That way, the doctor will know exactly how many hair follicles need to be extracted. The second stage is extracting the hair follicles from the donor area by Manual Extraction Punch, and the third is implanting the hair follicles using Dr. Yaman’s special DHI implanter.