Dr. Ibrahim Jebai

Dr. Ibrahim Jebai – Jay Clinics | Beriut, Lebanon

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Dr Jebai, based in Beirut, started practicing the art of hair restoration and cosmetic medicine in 2014. Throughout his years of medical education, Dr. Ibrahim has been in close proximity with the field of cosmetics, especially hair transplant.

His father, Dr Khalil Jebai performed the first ever hair restoration procedure in the Mena Region in 1989, and became later a pioneer in the Mena region.

Dr Jebai, aka Dr Jay, established Jay Clinics in 2016, which soon became the hub for top notch hair restoration results. He attended numerous workshops and trainings in Hair transplant and Cosmetics, both as delegate and faculty.

In 2019, Dr Jebai joined the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ABHRS, becoming the youngest member ever to join the board. He has in his logs more than 3000 hair-related procedures.

Today, Dr Jebai is a regionally renowned hair transplant physician in practice, research, and training. He offers Ultra fine FUE, which is a signature technique for Jay Clinics in Beirut. It combines accurate extraction with fine implantation.

Dr Jay also is the director of the Arab Region in FUE Europe and he is currently expanding to the GCC region to further accomplish the much needed advancement of hair restoration in the Arab Gulf.

Norwood 6 5000 grafts FUE Result

Instagram: dribrahimjebai