Dr. Chiara Insalaco

Dr. Chiara Insalaco

Via Antonio Chinotto n°1
00195 Roma
Tel: +39 0621708647
WhatsApp: +39 3516105418
Email: info@insalacoclinic.com

Website: Dr. Chiara Insalaco – Click to Visit

Spexhair is very proud to work in association with Dr. Chiara Insalaco. She is without question one of the new shining lights in the hair transplant industry.

Multi-award-winning hair transplant surgeon, Dr Chiara Insalaco is also an international speaker and passionate advocate for the hair loss treatment industry. Dr Insalaco graduated with a score of 110/110 in her Medicine and Surgery studies from Rome’s Università del Sacro Cuore and has completed a PhD in Medical Surgical Applied Sciences. She has trained and learned cutting edge techniques and methodologies at some of the world’s most highly regarded hair transplant clinics, in the US, Belgium, Turkey, Belgium and Italy.

In an international collaboration with Dr John P Cole of Atlanta, Georgia in the US, Dr Insalaco helped develop a pioneering research project in regenerative medicine (PRP and stem cells). Under Dr Cole’s tutelage, she mastered his CIT® (Cole Isolation Technique), a methodical extraction of Follicular Units based on a minimally invasive technique. The stem cells of the follicular units remain in the donor and can be regenerated using extracellular matrices such as Acell®.

Dr Insalaco’s career of more than twenty years began in plastic surgery. Today, she is active with SITRI (the Italian Society of Trichology), joining a small number of experts in Italy who meet the requirements for the protection of patients suffering from scalp diseases. She is a regular presenter at industry conferences and practices at her Insalaco Clinic in Rome where the focus remains on delivering the most natural result possible. Patients are provided with a worldwide guarantee.

Dr. Insalaco is also included in The world famous article on ApetoGentleman: The Worlds Best Hair Transplant Doctors