Dr. Arvind Poswal

Dr. Arvind Poswal – India Hair Transplant | New Delhi, India

Address: Dr. A’s Clinic
B-104, Ground Floor
Chittranjan Park
New Delhi-110019
Tel: +911126274367/68
Email: fusehair1@gmail.com
Website: fusehair.com

My wife Bharti and I established Dr. A’s Clinic in 1997 with the aim of providing advanced, scientific treatments to our patients. We have always prioritized direct contact with our patients, both during and after their treatments. Our commitment as a family has enabled me to deliver exceptional medical care and devote myself to the ART and science of hair transplants.

We firmly believe that patient care extends beyond the surgical procedure. Understanding each individual’s requirements, we guide and educate them while placing a high priority on co-creating the image they desire. Our goal is to make the hair transplant experience a dream makeover that looks completely natural, requiring the dedicated expertise of an artist-doctor.

We have chosen not to delegate patient care to consultants or establish branch offices. As an artist, I cannot entrust the same level of mental effort or artistic skill to an employee doctor performing hair transplants. This important task is crucial, as a hair transplant should be a work of art, on par with a man’s other prized possessions. Your hair transplant should be your doctor’s best ART.

In 1999, we performed India’s fist fue transplanting chest hair to scalp.

By 2005, we were performing 6000+ FUE graft hair transplants.

In 2006, we performed the world’s first beard hair to scalp transplant by FUE.

There was no looking back for our patients after that with the increase donor availability, we routinely perform 10,000+ FUE graft cases for most men.

Some of the worst repair patients visit us from around the world, including “the impossible hair transplant repair (Zayden – google his story)”.

Hundreds of our surgeries and results have been published and discussed online over the years.

For over 16 years, we have been recognized as the leading clinic in documenting successful hair transplant results worldwide, earning us the prestigious title of “The world’s number 1 clinic of ALL times.”

In 2020, our son Dr. Raghav Poswal joined us completing his diploma in Dermatology.

He is a passionate doctor with a sharp, artistic mind. Many of the most skilled HT makeovers including beard & moustache transplants were executed with him alongside me.

Raghav has turned out to be a superb artist – doctor. His “results now speak for themselves”. That is the true test of an accomplished hair transplant doctor.

He also brought our focus on reversing the genetic problem causing baldness in the first place.
I am proud to say that “Gene Therapy for Hairloss” is as much his effort and intelligence as mine.

With the gene therapy for hairloss, we have completed the entire gamut of treatments anyone requires to keep healthy lush hair all through life.

From designer hairline transplants to reversing hairloss at a cellular genetic level.

We look forward to help you achieve your dream hair goals.

Feel free to view our patient results (we pride ourselves for the perfectly natural looks).

Also see our repair HT gallery in case you have an unsatisfactory hair transplant.

Our gene therapy gallery is documenting amazing positive results as you read.
See details of gene therapy video on YouTube channel .

With us, you can rest assured that:
1. We will offer you the complete cure from transplants to Gene Therapy.
2. We believe in directly interacting with our parents (you will not be talking with any marketing consultants)
3. We offer you the best quality (ART + Surgery) at most economical fee.
4. We do not have any branches. So, we are not worried about bottlelines.
We do not have hired doctors whose salary to worry about.
We will never SELL our hair transplants.
They are works of ART. We offer them only when the time is right.
Give us a chance to serve you.
You will be glad.

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