World famous Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres are the perfect way for everyone to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair. So easy to apply just like a styling product. Will bulk hair and conceal any areas of hair thinning or scalp show through in seconds. Available in 10 shades.

Key Benefits:
Achieve instantly thicker and natural looking hair. Style your hair without worrying about covering up sparse areas. Nanogen fibres have brought about millions of incredible transformations for our huge fan base of users. It’s so easy to use and the results are incredible and virtually undetectable. Dermatologically tested they are suitable for sensitive scalps and won’t clog pores or effect the penetration of minoxidil based treatments. Made from 100% natural keratin these fibres deliver under the radar results and a completely natural looking finish to your style. You can even keep on overnight if you like – its like adding hair to your hair.

How To Use
STEP 1 – Style your hair as normal.
STEP 2 – Lightly sprinkle on areas where thicker hair and volume is needed. Gently blend the fibres with your fingers.
STEP 3 – For best results and for impressive water resistance, use Hair Fibre Locking Spray. (sold separately)

How It Works
Nanogen keratin fibres fall onto the hair as they are sprinkled – even fine and colourless ones, and they cling to each hair shaft using electrostatic charge. What makes Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres different, aside from being made from natural keratin for a more natural look, is our Kinetic™ jar which helps generate a dipolar charge on the specially coated fibres. What this means is that each end of a keratin fibre is charged differently ie. positive or negative at either end (rather than the whole fibre being substantially one charge polarity as with other fibres). This allows the fibre to protrude perpendicularly from the hair strand rather than typically laying more flat. Customers agree the result is a denser and more natural look.

Enhanced Binding

Look for the metal strip! The patented Kinetic™ technology features on the side of each and every jar and optimises the electrostatic charge on every fibre application. This means application is easy, coverage is incredible and endurance is unrivalled.

Four Times Stronger
The ground-breaking Kinetic™ technology which sets Nanogen apart has been shown in independent research to give four times stronger charge* than other leading brands. Better binding means easier application, a more natural pattern and stronger hold with less fibres falling onto the scalp than others. Independent electrostatics expert, Graham Hearn, tested Nanogen fibres alongside other leading brands to see exactly what effect our unique technology had on our fibres, with incredible results. *Read the full report here.

Dipolar Charge
Nanogen’s unique dipolar charged fibres provide optimum binding characteristics with every use. They help create Nanogen’s superior ‘fir tree’ pattern for even more thickening power. Being dipolar, one end of the fibre will always repel away from the natural charge of the hair, which can be positive and negative depending on the area tested on the hair shaft. This means each fibre tends to project off the hair shaft like the needles of a pine tree. This results in the maximum thickening effect associated with Nanogen.

Other fibres that are substantially unipolar (either positive or negatively charged, but not dipolar) will have a greater tendency to lay flat along the hair rather than perpendicular to it.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
Hair fibres, regardless of brand, are dyed to match the desired end colour. That’s great,but the last thing you want, when you’re working up a sweat in the gym or caught out in the rain, is any colour leaking out of the fibres. You can be confident when using Nanogen that the colour from your fibres won’t run or stain, no matter what. Nanogen fibres benefit from our clever colour lock technology which binds the colour securely to the keratin protein to stop it from bleeding out in water or sweat. Nanogen’s colour lock technology also helps prevent staining of your clothes or pillow should any fibres fall onto them.

Real Stories
Nanogen’s mission is to bring confidence to everyone, everyday. Whether it’s battling in the boardroom, triumph on the treadmill or just being able to smile at what you see in the mirror; we all need that extra confidence to face the day.

Nanogen creates products that do what they are supposed to, give you thicker, fuller and healthier hair. No gimmicks, no marketing spin, just products that really do work. Don’t take our word for it, find out how our products helped these people.