6 Truths For Stylists From A Hair Loss Expert

Spencer Stevenson, aka Spex, has been battling hair loss for years. He’s had five hair transplants and figures he has spent close to $45,000 on hair loss solutions. As a result of his own experiences and his research on the topic of hair loss, he has become one of the world’s foremost hair loss authorities, […]

Has Lewis Hamilton Had a Hair Transplant?

There’s no denying that Formula One World Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton has been on the fast track to baldness for some time. In fact, in a YouTube interview with Man For Himself just a couple of years ago, when asked about his grooming regime, he said: “Grooming, for me, I take as much time as I need.” Certainly, one […]

FREE Sessions available at FUE Europe Meeting

FUE Europe is looking for patients to undergo trichopigmentation both impermanent and permanent at their conference in Manchester 7th June 2019. In addition, FUE Europe is looking for a patient to have adipose stem cells harvested and injected into their scalp to slow down the hair loss process and improve hair density. The patient will […]

Hair Hospital

‘Hair Hospital’ carries the torch for all that’s good in the hair loss industry I’m about to introduce you to a hair restoration practice that, in my opinion, is doing all the right things. Meet Bauman Medical Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment Center, alternatively known as ‘the hair hospital’. At nearly 12,000 square feet, […]

Hair Transplant from London’s Top Surgeons

Losing your hair can lead to panic and panic can lead to snap decisions. The problem is there are a lot of cheap clinics that want to catch you in just that state. We spoke to some top-notch transplant surgeons and a couple of patients about how to avoid the dupes! Read the full article […]

Its Ok to better yourself!

Another busy few weeks for Spex in the UK media discussing hair transplants and hair loss on some very large prominent shows. Listen to his interviews here with Radio 5 Live where Nicky Campbell commends Spex for his passion on the topic and went on to tweet the segment to their 650,000 followers. Also Listen […]