Bisanga and Cole




Dr. Bisanga

After graduating in Medicine (Surgery and Obstetrics) from the Catholic University of Louvain, Dr.Christian Bisanga completed his residency in Acute Medicine and Catastrophes at the Princesses Paola Hospital in Marche en Famenne, Belgium. From here he moved to the United States, where he made the transition to hair transplantation, working alongside industry stalwarts, Dr Paul Rose, Dr Cole, Dr Leavitt to name a few.

Dr Bisanga takes great pride in achieving the ‘desired look’ for all of his patients and witnessing the renewed zest for life which comes from a successful surgery. In addition to excellent results that Dr Bisanga continues to achieve, he is known for showing an exceptional and caring “bedside manner”, as well great patience and empathy for his patients at every stage of the treatment.

Elsewhere Dr. Bisanga is actively involved in research within the industry and has developed his own methods of extracting and recording grafts while performing Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

As the founder of both BHR Hair Transplant Clinic and more recently BC Hair Transplant Clinic, he brings with him a wealth of experience through medical training seminars, as both host and participant. He also dedicates his time to educating new doctors and has trained and mentored many industry-recognised names over the last 10 years.

Dr Bisanga has a reputation as one of the best hair transplant doctors in the world. He has a track record of excellent results through the use of FUE, not to mention proven results with patients seeking to repair previous surgeries.

He prides himself on his ability to create natural hairlines while also achieving fullness of appearance. Many of his results are documented on international forums, cementing his reputation as one of the industry’s most trusted and pioneering surgeons.

Dr. John Cole

In 1981 after being offered an academic scholarship from the United States Army to attend Mercer University, John Peter Cole (MD) graduated with degrees in both Chemistry and Biology.

Four years later, in 1985, he received his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia, before moving to the University of Missouri, where he was a awarded a post graduate degree in Internal Medicine.

One of the first physicians to become a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Cole is widely recognised as one of the leading surgeons in his field. Sitting on the society’s Board of Directors and Examination Committee, he is committed to sharing his knowledge and research, and frequently presents his work at various educational seminars and transplantation societies.

As an expert in hair transplant procedures, his industry-leading contributions include developing specialty instruments, conducting creative research into follicular anatomy, and devising formulas to accurately measure the performance of hair restoration specialists.

Dr.Cole remains a pioneer across a range of hair restoration techniques, including Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Body Hair Transplants, Plug Redistribution, Plug Removal, Scar Revision, Facial Hair and Eyebrow Restoration, as well as Body Hair Farming.

Since 1990, his practice has specialised in hair transplant surgeries for hundreds of patients around the world.

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