Bijan Feriduni, MD

Hasselt, Belgium
Prins Bisschopssingel 34/2
3500 Hasselt, Belgium

Main: +32 (0)11 299 790
Website: Dr. Bijan Feriduni – Click to Visit

One of the industry’s most respected surgeons, Dr. Feriduni’s approach has always been about offering superior quality hair restoration to every one of his patients. This is underpinned by a genuine care for their well-being and personal wishes.

While many physicians make good doctors, this doesn’t always extend to a genuine human interest in people – this is where Dr. Feriduni is different. It’s his view that hair loss is a very serious condition, not only from a physical point of view, but an emotional one too. Hence, why he feels that every patient deserves to be treated with care and compassion.
As a physician, Dr. Feriduni is well aware that many of his patients suffer from a lack of self-esteem and are looking to him to help change the direction of their life by nurturing greater confidence and empowerment.

Through the trust and reassurance that Dr. Feriduni easily builds, his patients are more than happy to confide in him their hair loss issues, and the kind of results they are hoping to achieve from each procedure.

The guarantee of the overall success of the patient‘s hair restoration procedure really does come down to the expertise of a hair surgeon. And I can genuinely say from (personal) experience that they don’t come any better than Dr. Feriduni.

My own story…

In October 2013 I booked myself in to see Dr Feriduni at his clinic in Hasselt Belgium as I needed an FUE tweak into my right-hand side temple corner (temple closure ).

In recent months I had seen evidence of a slight continuation of miniaturisation in the lower area where the hair naturally parts. So, to achieve a more natural looking blend and more bulk, I had 313 FU transplanted into this zone. I also part my hair from right to left and felt the surgery would only help me reached my long-term goals.

The results that Dr. Feriduni managed to achieve from this procedure were pretty amazing. What’s more, I was super impressed by his ability to keep me informed and reassured along every step of the way; while offering expert post-surgery advice to ensure the end result was as good as I hoped it could be.

To read and hear more about my surgery and experience with Bijan and his team, along with a brief interview with Spencer Kobren, you can go here.

I personally had 313 FUE with Dr. Bijan Feriduni

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