Hair Hospital

‘Hair Hospital’ carries the torch for all that’s good in the hair loss industry

I’m about to introduce you to a hair restoration practice that, in my opinion, is doing all the right things. Meet Bauman Medical Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment Center, alternatively known as ‘the hair hospital’. At nearly 12,000 square feet, it is the largest standalone clinic in the world that’s exclusively dedicated to helping patients restore, maintain and enhance their own living, growing hair. It’s also a gleaming facility that feels a bit like a top-shelf beauty spa but as the old song goes: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”

In my playbook, hair clinics aren’t worth squat unless they deliver on multiple key fronts. When it comes to the world of hair loss, I’m not an easy man to impress. The hair loss industry is rife with slick operators who promise you the world then fail dismally to deliver. What always interests me most is the authenticity of the practice, the determination to do right by patients, the quality of the equipment and how advanced the technology and expertise are. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Bauman Medical ticks all the boxes, and it’s for that reason that I enjoy extolling its considerable virtues.

If there’s one thing I can say above all else about  Dr Alan Bauman’s state-of-the-art ‘hair hospital’ in Boca Raton, Florida, it’s that his attention to detail permeates everything he does. This world-leading hair transplant surgeon has created the ultimate one-stop-shop experience for all things related to hair loss and hair restoration. From the considered, smartly designed facility and the care and attention offered to patients, to the vast array of treatments offered, right down to eyelash transplantation, he and his team have thought of everything.

Deep care for patients

Bauman Medical offers specialist services for men and women who are suffering from a wide array of hair loss issues. It could be garden variety male or female pattern balding, alopecia or age-related eyelash/eyebrow thinning or (comparatively) more traumatic conditions such as hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment or hair loss from traumatic scars, burns and other injuries. Even pubic hair transplantation is offered, and transgender patients turn to Bauman for beard and sideburn transplants. Basically, if it has to do with hair loss or transplantation, Dr Bauman’s team are onto it and every patient is treated with the same respect and validation.

Treatments and services offered

When I say comprehensive treatments and services, I mean you can count on a thorough list of some of the world’s most advanced offerings. Bauman Medical covers the full spectrum of patient needs, from those with early-stage hair loss through to those with advanced cases.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery The holy grail for some surgery-averse patients, Bauman offers SmartGraft FUE, NeoGraft FUE and ARTAS robotic-assisted transplants. These procedures do away with scalpels and stitches, yet they can restore density in severely depleted parts of the scalp. The patient doesn’t have to deal with linear scarring, discomfort or downtime and benefits from brilliant natural appearance.


  • PDOgro™ – PDO MasterThreads are aseptically inserted into thinning areas of the scalp and rejuvenate weakened follicles to stimulate hair regrowth. This is a painless procedure performed under local anaesthesis.


  • Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) – Known as ‘The Vampire’ treatment, PRP takes the patient’s own blood and naturally enhances it to boost the number of platelets and key growth factors. The blood is re-injected back into the scalp and revives dying follicles and hair.


  • LaserCap – This seemingly space age therapy is basically an FDA-approved laser-embedded baseball cap which the low-level hair loss patient wears to promote hair growth and improve the appearance of the hair’s quality, strength and thickness. It has zero side effects and is a discreet solution.


  • HairCheck – In just minutes, the HairCheck system measures hair loss and response to hair growth products. It’s an effective way to gauge the severity of hair loss early on and to determine how well the follicles are responding to restorative treatments.


  • Genetic Testing – Patients wanting to know their risk of hair loss later in life can have genetic tests such as HairDX performed. The test will also indicate if the patient will benefit from alternative treatments such as Finasteride.


  • 3D-Printed Hair Systems – Some patients are not candidates for hair transplantation because of chemotherapy, injury or autoimmune alopecia so medical-grade hair and scalp prostheses offer a permanent, natural hair replacement alternative. 3D-printed hair such as the CNC Hair System is one of the most advanced solutions available.


  • FOLLEA wigs – The high end Follea range of wigs, toppers and hair enhancements are hand-crafted from 100 percent human hair. Their sturdy construction, ease of maintenance, breathability and comfort make them a premium solution for patients who are not candidates for hair transplants.


  • Compounded Formula 82M – Obtainable with a doctor’s prescription, Formula 82M is a customised, compounded version of Rogaine and the generic Minoxidil. This topical treatment is less greasy, less irritating and more powerful and offers far more dramatic improvements than those delivered by over-the-counter brands.

The source of pioneering treatments and patient care protocols

Dr Alan Bauman pioneered several of these treatments himself. He was the great mind behind FUE transplants, PRP and PDOgro™. Aside from these game-changing solutions, the Bauman Center’s patient-first approach to hair restoration and hair loss prevention is an important reason why patients choose to place their trust there.

For a practice that has treated almost 20,000 patients, performed over 8,000 hair transplant surgeries and won multiple awards, I think the credentials speak for themselves. Having been shown through the facility by Dr Bauman himself, I was able to meet the staff and an FUE 5-day post-op patient and have a good look around. For someone like me who talks to frightened, anxious and nervous hair loss sufferers on a daily basis, and who has also seen the explosion of dodgy ‘backyard’ operators, I’m incredibly heartened that practices such as the Bauman Center exist.

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