Its Ok to better yourself!

Another busy few weeks for Spex in the UK media discussing hair transplants and hair loss on some very large prominent shows. Listen to his interviews here with Radio 5 Live where Nicky Campbell commends Spex for his passion on the topic and went on to tweet the segment to their 650,000 followers.

Also Listen to this great interview about Prince Harry on BBC worldwide where Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson discusses the options available and resources many need take advantage of. Its important people take their time and do their research and this interview really helps outline a few things to consider.

Alongside the recent radio interviews Spex has also been quoted in numerous media regarding Prince Harry.



Along side all this Spex along spoke to BBC Leeds regarding hair loss and options available to the consumer. Research is vital so take your time and feel free to touch based directly with Spex whenever you want as he’s available to help guide you through this minefield. Spex has been there done it and worm the Tshirt and is well known for offering advice and guidance in an industry that if you are not careful will be only too happy to capitalize on your vulnerability and desperation.