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Travelling overseas to the US is something regularly discussed on the various forums and what you will find from the guys who have been there , done it, got the Tshirt is…


Don’t ever let geography or money determine where you get your Hair transplant done. Think long term, not short term. Too many (and I have met 100’s) jumped into Hair transplant’s and chose the local or cheap “special offer” Hair transplant. Be very careful to not think the easy option is the better one, far from it in my honest and experienced opinion. Run a search on the countless guys who with research behond them opted to travel to the US or even Canada to get their HT done by the best in the world . If you do not research Hair transplant’s you will end up paying for it in more ways than one in the long run – this is a FACT.


There is a reason many travel so firstly look into who you feel the better surgeons are for you and get a short list rather than who is the closest or cheapest and can offer you the deal you want. HT is not about making a good deal its about appropriate use of your physiology and all your personal variables. The skill, experience and ability are paramount, not location.


No one said getting a Hair transplant was easy but if you chose the right one for you (taking money and geography out the equation) you’ll end up getting a Hair transplant that you can be proud of more likely than having to live under a hat before you can get repaired. Thats a lengthy, expensive, emotional, traumatic experience and one we see too often. It can be avoided by entertaining a few hours on a plane potentially.


What people initially also do realize is its actually cheaper even with travel expenses included to get a HT done in the US . FACT!


Think Long term, not short.


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Due to Dr Fellers very competitive surgery costs he does not reimburse for travel or accommodation expenses. Add approximately £500 to your budget for a return flight and 3 night accommodation minimum in my opinion.


Even with these costs added on you will find Dr feller is still one of the some competitively priced Doc out there


Several local hotels to Dr Feller also offer a discount “ Feller Medical” rate :


Use this link to go straight to the travel section on Dr Fellers site to see a list of hotels :


Travelling over to New York to see Dr Feller is very easy and if done right can be relatively cheap. Flights vary from £300+ depending on time of travel. Good websites for flights have proven to be


Hotel prices vary also on time of year but generally a good quality hotel costs around £80 a night.


I recommend that when travelling over to New York for surgery with Dr Feller that you plan to have your surgery on a Friday. This way you benefit from cheaper flights as you then can stay a Saturday night therefore flights and accommodation work out cheaper.


Fly out Thursday – Surgery Friday – Stay Saturday – Home Sunday


See Manhattan whilst there!


This way you can see the sights if you want i.e.: Empire States building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, The Rockefeller Centre, Shopping!! Etc.


I can help explain in great detail all your travel requirements so try not worry too much. I have helped countless guys go over for surgery in NYC and Washington and done the trip countless times myself. I know all the tricks and tips so rest assured you will be fully informed going into it if you choose to travel.


Important reminder


It is now compulsory that all UK and overseas patients require an ESTA  ( Online US visa ) Its $14 and takes literally a few minutes to fill in online. Have your passport info to hand and get it sorted within 72 hrs of travel. Its valid for 2 years so get it sorted ASAP.


Here is the link to the ESTA web site where you can easily and very quickly sort out your application.

ESTA Application form