Topical Finasteride UK

Topical Finasteride in the UK 

There is certainly a growing interest in Topical Finasteride especially in patients who have attempted the oral medication but been susceptible to side effects from the medication . It has been commonly discussed that this shouldn’t necessarily replace the oral 1mg daily tablet especially in patients who take the medication and respond well to it but as an option for hair loss sufferers who’ve tried the oral tablet and just not got on with it.


Since this topical drug contains the same active ingredient as the oral drug Finasteride the side effects and precautions are the same as the oral form. Learn about Finasteride side effects : finasteride side effects


With one very important addition: Pregnant women should not come into contact either directly or indirectly with the topical gel. This may mean stopping the gel for the duration of the pregnancy , or at least exercising extreme caution from contact with the gel.The only issue of concern is the possibility of inadvertent exposure of a pregnant woman to the topical drug. There will be a warning to this on the drug labeling so as to avoid this risk.This preparation is not intended to replace oral finasteride as a primary treatment. It was formulated for those patients that were unable to tolerate oral finasteride and wanted to effectively prevent further hair loss. It has since also been used by patients not prepared to risk taking oral finasteride. It is inevitable that there will be new and better drugs to fight male pattern hair loss.


The question is how long before these are available?  For those people who need something effective now, and cannot wait, I think this formulation is as good as it is going to get if you can not or just do not want to take the oral tablet!


I can gladly put you in touch with a very reliable GP in the UK to help you gain a prescription of Topical finasterdie as he is happy to prescribe topical finasteride after going through an email consultation process. Then the prescription can be forwarded to the Italian supplier by you and they will post to you direct.


The GP will be able to prescribe you for 1-6 months prescription and the fee is the same despite the amount of topical finasterdie you buy direct from the Pharmacy. Once you have the prescription you will have to send the prescription to any supplier, such as Farmacia Parati in Italy. When I recently checked with them they said they charge €50 for 1 bottle, which lasts approximately 1 month. Shipping of approximately €21 is on top. However I have no affiliation with them so you will need to verify this information yourself.


Feel free to email me for contact information of UK GP.