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Spex recent 313 FUE surgery with Dr. Bijan Feriduni


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On October 7th 2013 I visited Dr Feriduni in Hasselt Belgium for my lastest FUE tweak into the right hand side temple corner ( Temple Closure ). The pictures will help show the area addressed. I had 313 FU transplanted into this zone to bulk it up and marry things in due to slightly continued miniaturisation in the area where the hair naturally parts and side dropped slightly. I part my hair from right to left when grown out and felt the surgery would only help things further for me given my goals.


Before pictures to show the temple corner :






My entire experience with Dr Feriduni was excellent and as to be expected. Over the last 12 months I have been working for ‘The Feriduni clinic’ as their overseas advisor and I have learnt a tremendous amount during this time and I felt prior to going into the surgery with The Feriduni team I was going to be in very safe and capable hands.

I arrived the day before into Hasselet and flew in with BA from Heathrow ( £98 ) and the flight was only 45 mins. I then took a direct train from the airport to Hasselet train station which took approximately an hour ( 15 euros ). From there I walked up to the Hotel the ” Hassotel” which only took a few minutes. The Hotel is the most popular one with Feriduni patients as Dr Feriudni offers 1 night free accommodation at this hotel with breakfast included and it is only 10 mins by taxi to The Feriduni Hair Clinic. Dr Feriduni also provides a free taxi up to the clinic and back the day of the surgery which is very handy and the hotel reception are very helpful in booking it for you for the morning of your surgery. Give yourself 15 mins to get up to the office from the town. Feel free to email me for any help and assistance regarding travel and hotel information as I have detailed PDF’s : support@spexhair.com

On my arrival at 7.30am at the clinic, Dr Feriduni greeted me and despite our working and personal relationship Dr Feriduni treated me very professionally and as comprehensively as every other patient he treats from start to finish. Initially he gave me a thorough examination of my existing HT, native hair in mid/crown and the donor region and I was reassured to know he felt everything looked excellent and that my donor supply was still in relatively excellent condition despite my previous surgeries and certainly up to the challenge to tweak the corner.

I explained to Dr Feriduni how I felt the area needed a little help and he completely agreed and understood my concerns and after an overview of my entire situation started to draw in and around the zone to outline the area he felt required “bulking” in order to enable me to have sufficient weight in the zone to marry everything in on the far right hand side. After agreeing on the outline and area I moved through to my own private waiting area which had facilities to relax and wait whilst the team arrived. I filled in all the relevant consent forms and got into my surgery gown and crocs before being escorted by the Dr into the washing area where the technicians kindly washed my hair ready for surgery.

Dr Feriudni and I discussed that due to the proposed recipient area being relatively small it didn’t need shaving and as I had grown my hair out the extraction zones could be done in small tracks (macro strips ) allowing me to cover the extraction zones easily after the session. This allowed me to go relatively undetected immediately post op which is always a bonus as Im sure any patient can appreciate.

Dr Feriduni administered the numbing shots with a clever device which vibrates and quite literally takes the “sting” out of the needles and after several procedures prior I was prepared for the “pinch” the shots can give – however it honestly never came due to the machine that is used in conjunction.

Once all numbed up Dr Feriduni proceeded to extract the grafts with his head tech and whilst I watched TV we all talked and shared various stories and before I knew it it was time for the placement in the recipient area and you can see here the head tech placing the grafts into the corner.




The surgery was a breeze and very similar to other small FUE sessions I’ve had previously in terms of timelines. I was finished up by approx 2pm and entered back into my private room to relax and have some lunch which was ordered in for me previously off a comprehensive menu whilst in surgery. After I’d had my lunch Dr Feriudni and his technician came in to see me and we went through all the post op instructions and products, despite Dr Feriduni knowing i had been through the process multiple times, he didn’t rush at all and explained everything in detail and talked me through the various healing products ie vitamin Spray, Aloe Vera gel etc as well as piankillers and antibiotics. Everything came with s very easy to follow chart outlining when to take and apply procuts which was very helpful and all patients receive.




Here is the temple corner immediately post op – Some sweet tight placement :




Big thanks to Daphne for all her help throughout the initial planning and scheduling along with booking things for me – She kindly arranged for a taxi to take me back to the hotel and i arrived back there around 3pm. I had a quick walk into town from the hotel to stretch my legs and get some fresh air and caught up later on that evening with a friend for dinner.

The following day after a relatively ok night sleep I popped up to the clinic for the post op check up where Dr Feriduni took a few pics and I then headed out directly from the clinic by taxi directly to the airport in time to catch my plane home. The Taxi is a lot more expensive than even the flight over there so if you are considering surgery with Dr Feriuduni bare that in mind and give yourself enough time to get a taxi down to the train station and from there to the airport in my opinion as a great deal cheaper and approx the same travel time.

With only shaving the donor area in macro strips ( tracks ) I was able to cover the area with ease where the extractions had been taken from.


DSC_2290 -donor



Now I am now approaching 7 months post op and things are growing in tremendously well. Im now currently approx 60% of the way and have approx 5-6 more month growth/maturing ahead of me based on my experience but even if it stopped growing today – I would still be incredibly happy with the outcome and glad I tweaked the corner.

For information on Growth Times and what timescales are involved refer to my video section where I have a video on the topic as well as other informative videos to help on different topics about hair transplants : Answers to common Hair transplant questions

I have attached a few pics at 7 months and will update here at 12 months however wanted to share my experience with Dr Feriudni Hair Clinic and thank him publicly for his excellent skills and artistry. I am incredibly impressed with the high level of service along with the remarkable results to date and look forward to the next several months too. Dr Feriudni has kindly been checking in with me throughout the process and I aim to be in Belgium in October when I wil have him take some clear 1 year anniversary pictures however you can see below that things have taken place and the growth is coming in very well indeed.


Front on at 7 months post op :




Outside in direct sunlight month 7 :




Combed back at 7 months :



Up close and personal at 7 months :












Wet Pulled Back



10 Months post op







11 months post op updated pictures




I’m look forward to further growth over the coming months and will keep my page updated however please feel free to email me any questions you might have and please use my website to get informed on a variety of information.

Support@spexhair.com or Spex@Feriduni.com



I’m also very proud to announce I have been recognised and endorsed by the hair care brand ‘Fudge’ as their Hair loss mentor.