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Advanced Tricho Pigmentation.


What is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation?

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is an advanced pigmentation delivery system that works to replicate the appearance of naturally growing hair follicles for people with little to no hair. Advanced tricho pigmentation treatment (ATP) works in a similar way to other pigmentation treatments on the market, such as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) which I’ve also had and was the first person to have their procedure broadcast LIVE on The Bald Truth radio show which helped countless hair loss sufferers gain information and insight. I personally feel ATP is better as it last longer. SMP lasts a maximum of 8-12 months.


Advanced tricho pigmentation is an innovative pigmentation treatment that produces the most natural looking results possible. The procedure imitates natural looking hair follicles and can also be used to create delicate hair strokes for the brow area to replicate realistic and natural looking results when performed correctly by a fully trained specialist. If you are going to get this done then the technician needs to be doing this day in day out and only this!
I recently received ATP ( Advanced Tricho Pigmentation ) into my old FUT scars and also into my crown region to enable me to wear my hair shorter and also increase the overall density of the donor region as well as thicken up the appearance of my crown greatly. Further information also with a video of the process and interview can be seen here on the link below. I had the procedure performed in the UK at The Harley St Hair Clinic

See my pictures pre op and then the video for post op.



This technique will undoubtedly continue to help many hair loss patients thicken up their hair and also aid the illusion of density with hair transplants greatly too. Please feel free to click on the link here below to take you directly to the page and video of my interview and results with The Harley St Hair Clinic.
 Spex Advanced Tricho Pigmentation at The Harley St Hair Clinic

I’m incredibly happy with the results. Ive been around the globe and received SMP in Italy, UK and USA. All positive experiences however after now experiencing ATP its enabled me to have even greater options in terms of how short I can wear my hair in the donor region and also increased the density in the crown region too in the area that caused me some concern. Ive not now got to worry about returning for further treatment like with SMP.