Feller and Bloxham Hair Transplant Education Videos

Dr. Blake Bloxham and Dr. Alan Feller Talk Hair Transplantation


Find below a variety of informative and educational videos on hair transplantation by leading hair transplant surgeons Dr Feller and Dr Bloxham. Both Hair transplant surgeons break down common questions and issues presented by patients at various stages of the transplant process. There are a number of other videos on their YouTube channel here too which provide even further insight into hair transplantation that a new patient researching hair transplants will find an really invaluable part of their research process in my experienced opinion Feller and Bloxham Youtube Channel


These videos will enable you to gain further clarification on hair restoration along with various aspects you’d not even considered, trust me. The experience of a drs perspective is something all patients need and it’s here on these videos and other videos housed directly on the Drs website. Hair Transplant Education


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