Exclusive Blogs Written for Huffington Post

Exclusive Blogs Written for Huffington Post

Keep up to date with all our latest blogs and tips here! I have put together this blog to provide you insight into accurate and honest information I’ve personally gathered along my ten year investigation and fight with hair loss.

1. “Growing” Interest in Celebrity Hair Transplants

2. David Beckham: Losing control of his hair

3. HollyWood Actor confesses all about how he ‘conceals” his hair loss

4. Wayne Rooney’s Clinic speaks out about his hair transplant

5. Is it too late for Prince William to resolve his Hair Loss problem?

6. Losing your identity due to Hair Loss

7. James Nesbitt boasts fuller head of hair!

8.Robbie Williams gets a much needed Hair transplant

9.Hair Loss – Myths and Facts

10.Bradley Cooper uses Propecia

11.Tiger Woods admits hair loss

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