Dr. Bijan Feriduni Hair Transplant surgeon

Dr. Bijan Feriduni

W: www.Hairdocs.info
Tel :00 32 11 299 790

Email: info@feriduni.com

293bc85ab6I am proud to be the UK and Overseas hair transplant patient advisor for Dr. Bijan Feriduni. Feel free to email me directly on Spex@feriduni.com


Dr. Feriduni ‘s philosophy is to provide each patient with a high quality hair restoration procedure, in which the patient ’s well-being and personal wishes are of major concern. A physician is always trained to become a good doctor but is not necessarily trained in human interest.


However Dr. Feriduni feels it is of a fundamental importance that each patient, who suffers from hair loss is taken seriously.


As a physician, Dr. Feriduni is dealing with people who often suffer from a lack of confidence and are expecting him to help them to achieve a new phase in their life. Each one of his patients confide in him with their hair restoration treatment as well as the ultimate result of the treatment.


I am a patient of Dr Feriduni’s and i can personally vouch that he is without a doubt one of the very best hair transplant surgeons in the world. He is incredibly caring, understanding and makes sure every patient receives a detailed long-term treatment plan, in which both medical as well as surgical treatment options are taken in consideration.


As well as The Feriduni Hair Clinics patient Advisor I am also a Dr Feriduni patient and you can see my interview here with Spencer Kobren along with my write up experience and results : Spex Hair FUE results with Dr Feriduni.


See a vast range of Dr Feriduni’s world class results in abundance here and on many of the hair transplant forums. Dr. Feriduni Results

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