Blood Work

Blood work in order for Dr. Feller to perform surgery, we MUST have the results of your
blood work at least 4 weeks prior to surgery. You can scan and e-mail us a copy of the results or fax it over to 516-466-8356.


Please note there are
three tests that must be performed:
1. HIV
2. HEP B S ag
3. HEP C ab


Make SURE you SPECIFICALLY ask to ONLY be tested for the three SPECIFIC tests required. You only need the 3 results but the specific ones.


You need the results on a certificate/official document to prove the results are yours along with full name and D.O.B.


Blood work is notoriously a headache so the sooner you get on it the better. It is very common that HT clinics will require you to have “Blood work” performed prior to having a HT session. Your blood results are valid for 1 year.


The blood tests ( or labs ) are compulsory at most clinics and without the tests being performed and official proof the HT surgery will not be conducted. I stress again – Only the SPECIFIC tests 1, 2 and 3 above.


The easiest and cheapest way to get these performed is to visit your local G.U.M clinic here in the UK – Run a google search for your local clinic. This is by far the best way in my and many others experience to have these test conducted. They will be able to perform the tests and provide you with a letter/certificate within 10/14 days and it costs approx £30 (for the letter) Specifically ask for confirmation of the letter prior to the tests because without it the tests are pointless – You need the letter/certificate. You can get the tests done at a Private same day clinic but believe it cost £200 approx but often this is the best way.


* Note always allow double the time for the results to come back sometimes clinicians or admin staff are not breifed and or they are ill or on leave and your results end up being delayed!*


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